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Good winemakers are farmers first

It’s not glorious.
Hands stained from dirt and fruit, aches through your back and legs.
As farmers, we’re looking for good soil.
You can feel its texture, you can cup it in your hands and smell it.
This isn’t dirt, this is soil: it’s alive,
it has a lot of distinctness from one place to the other.
It’s a unique opportunity to use our skills as good farmers on pieces
of land that are rich with history and flavor.

The Soil

We’re All In

Each one of the handful of people working at our winery has been involved in some part of the bottle you pour today.
From cultivation to harvest, from production to quality control,from the bottle to the glass.
We need to be connected to every element of its creation.
This is significant.
We don’t even let other wineries use our fruit, a very customary practice in our industry.
We are absolutely both feet in.

The wine you pour is a direct product of our effort.

The People

For our families, wine is food.
It’s served with the meat, the greens, and the bread.
It’s made for loud conversation as much as quiet contemplation.
And we believe it should be available to any table.
Valued just as much in the tasting room as with friends
or baking chicken on a Tuesday evening.
Forget about how you’re “supposed to drink it.”
Come to our tasting room and simply enjoy.