Coelho Vineyard

After Dave and Deolinda fell in love with the rolling hills of the lush Willamette Valley, they moved to Amity in 1991 and transformed 40 acres 3 miles south of Amity into the renowned Coelho Estate Vineyard. They decided that they wanted to do more than simply sell their fruit, and began to utilize their Portuguese winemaking heritage. In 2004, they bottled their first vintage of “Paciencia.” Since then, they have added two other vineyards Zeitoun Vineyard and Delfina Vineyard (named after Deolinda’s Grandmother) to their acreage.QUINTA (Que-ine-ta)
Portuguese translation: Vineyard
Our Coelho, and very first, vineyard is located three miles south of the winery and planted with 28.5 acres of Pinot noir, one acre Pinot gris and 1.5 acre Chardonnay.

Coelho uses sustainable viticulture practices, hand picking, and hand sorting to reflect our respect for the unique Willamette Valley terroir. Before Dave and Deolinda became winemakers, they farmed approximately 800 acres of tomatoes, sugar beets, corn and alfalfa in California’s San Joaquin Valley.

As farmers, the family understands and cherishes the surrounding environment, allowing wildlife and native vegetation to support the successful growth of the vines. Kestrel boxes are placed around the vineyard to provide nesting habitats for the birds of prey, who then provide natural rodent control.

Grass is planted between every row to reduce the soil nutrients and increase the stress on the vines, because judicial vine stress cultivates more concentrated fruit flavors. We planted roses on the end of rows to provide an early indicator of potential insect infestations in the vineyard. All of these careful practices are reflected in the quality of our premium wines.

Coelho Estate Vineyard Quick Facts

27.5 ac. Pinot noir (Pommard & Dijon 777 clone on 101-14 rootstock)
1 ac. Pinot gris (Pinot gris 152 on 101-14 rootstock)
1.5 ac. Chardonnay (Chardonnay 76 graft to Dijon clone on 101-14 rootstock)
Non-irrigated, sustainably farmed (Salmon Safe & LIVE certified)
225-255 feet elevation
968 plants per acre
North South row alignment
Woodburn soil: young, volcanic and sedimentary
Vineyard located 3 miles south of winery
Willamette Valley American Viticulture Area (AVA)
Single curtain and vertical shoot position trellis system
Southern slope

Zeitoun Vineyard, Eola Amity Hills AVA

7 ac. Pinot noir
Non-irrigated, sustainably farmed
225-375 feet elevation
1550 plants per acre
North South row alignment
Cottrell Silty Clay Loam, Saum-Parrett Complex (Silty Clay Loam)
Vineyard located 3.3 miles east of winery
Eola-Amity Hills American Viticulture Area (AVA)
Vertical shoot position trellis system
Southern slope

Delfina Vineyard, McMinnville AVA

15 ac. Pinot noir (Dijon 777, 667, 115)
Non-irrigated, sustainably farmed
230-350 feet elevation
1000 plants per acre
Northwest Southeast row alignment
Volcanic; Carlton silt loam, Witzel-Dixonville
Vineyard located 8.3 miles east of winery
McMinnville American Viticulture Area (AVA)
Vertical shoot position trellis system
South/Southwest slope


Live Certified logoLIVE, Inc.  (Low Input Viticulture & Enology) Established in 1997, is a program providing vineyards and wineries official recognition for sustainable agricultural practices that are environmentally and socially responsible. LIVE certification is one of the most authoritative sustainability accreditations in the wine world.






SalmonSafeSALMON SAFE is a non-profit, independent organization based in Portland, Oregon dedicated to restoring and maintaining healthy watersheds so that salmon can spawn and thrive. Our commitment to non-irrigated viticulture and restricted usage of chemicals fertilizers and chemical pest control contributed to the certification of the Coelho Willamette Valley Vineyard in the SALMON SAFE program in 2008.