Coelho Family

Our family name Coelho, means “rabbit” in Portuguese. To us it symbolizes the love, heritage, and our family approach to creating wine. If you follow the Coelho rabbit, you will find your way to premium wine with a long family history.

Portuguese translation: Rabbit
As our family name, Coelho also means love, heritage and a family approach to creating premium wines that honor our Portuguese traditions.
Dave’s grandfather, Joe Coelho, best enjoyed wine surrounded by loved ones. A dairyman, Joe made Portuguese wine for family and friends, instilling a love and appreciation for the wine experience in Dave.

Deolinda’s grandfather, José (Joe) Serpa was a carpenter who tried winemaking in the family basement. Unfortunately one of his kids siphoned wine for friends to taste. The next morning, the Serpas found the siphon in the barrel, and several sick boys on the floor ending Joe’s winemaking.


Today the Coelho family is involved in all aspects of Coelho wines. If Dave and Deolinda are not at the Coelho Winery in downtown Amity, they will be working at the vineyard, volunteering in the local community, cooking large family dinners at the vineyard, passing on their passion for wine and the Portuguese winemaking traditions of the family, or winning against their children and grandchildren at cards.

Samuel Coelho, manages international/national sales, and brand development. He has been with the company full time since 2009. His wife Bryn joined the family in 2011 and winery in 2013. She is responsible for the marketing and direct to consumer departments. Apart from their winery obligations, they also own and operate Perrydale Hills Vineyard. Their 3 young children are regular features at the winery and the office, learning all the in and outs of the wine business.

Dave and Deolinda’s other children, David, Stephanie, and Jeanne currently all reside outside of the Willamette Valley with their respective families.


Chris Bertsche joined Coelho Family Wines in early 2016 and embodies the essence of what Coelho represents; a commitment to quality in the cellar and vineyard. He brings with him not only the knowledge and experience gained from over 5 years of winemaking in Sonoma County and another 2 in the Willamette Valley, but also a strong desire to continue to enrich and expand the legacy of Coelho Family Wines. Chris recognizes the subjectivity of wine and strives to create a masterpiece that many, from those just starting to explore wine to the ultimate wine enthusiast, can enjoy.